Determining the Fault in a Motorcycle-Pedestrian Accident

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Motorcycle-Pedestrian Accident

Determining who is at fault in case of an accident is important when you file a lawsuit for claiming money for the losses caused by the accident. Finding who is responsible for an accident may take a considerable … Read More

Riding Motorcycles Safely in California

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Motorcycle Accident Lawsuits

Defensive driving is something important for all kinds of drivers. This is especially true in the case of motorcycle drivers. California has the highest number of motorcycles in the country. Hence the probability of accidents also increases … Read More

Can Motorcycle Accidents Cause Paralysis

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Motorcycle Accidents Cases

Road accidents that involve motorcycles turn out to be very devastating at times. If not that, they can be very severe and cause lifelong impairment of the victim. The effects of a motorcycle crash can be reduced … Read More

Tips to Make a Strong Claim after a Motorcycle Accident

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Motorcycle Accident Claims

Among the several accident cases, motorcycle accident cases are one of the most difficult ones to file suit. Such accidents are mostly very complicated due to several reasons. The injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident can be … Read More

How to Prove your Innocence after a Motorcycle Crash

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Motorcycle Crash Cases

Numerous motorcycle accidents happen every year in the state of California. The reason for each of the accidents can be different. Sometimes it can be the mistake of the motorcycle rider that causes the accident. At other … Read More

How to Avoid Common Motorcycle Accidents This Summer

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Common Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents happen now and then on the highways of California. The risk of motorcycle accidents is much higher than the risks posed by car and truck accidents. Many times, it may not be the mistake of … Read More

The Average Settlement from Motorcycle Accidents in California

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Motorcycle Accident Settlement

In case you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, you need to bear in mind that every case has unique circumstances and hence expect different outcomes. It is advisable to contact a motor cycle collision attorney … Read More

A Note on Motorcycle Accident Compensation

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Motorcycle Accident Compensation

In this article, we are going to have a discussion on the topic of motorcycle accident compensation. There exist no rules to determine the value of compensation for a motorcycle accident. While there are some factors on … Read More

The Ones at Fault in a Lane-Splitting Accident in California

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Lane-Splitting Accident Cases

California is one of the very first states to allow lane splitting. This is an act that allows the motorcycle drivers to ride between two lanes of moving traffic which is traveling in the same direction. This … Read More

What To Know About Right Hand Turn Bicycle Accidents

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The right hand turn bicycle accidents have become very common on the Californian roads now. The fact that many number of Californians use bikes to get to their destinations, increase the number of bike accidents. It is … Read More