What to Consider When Choosing a Clothing Producer

Clothing Manufacturing Companies

If you are planning to start a clothing retail business, you will likely have to search for a producer of this product with who you can partner. Thankfully, many clothing manufacturing companies work well with retailers, helping in the latter’s business journey and playing a big part in the supply chain. To ensure that you work with one such producer, you will have to make some considerations before you go searching for one.

Whether They Can Produce What You Want

This might appear to be an obvious consideration, but it is also a significant one. Not every clothing producer can make all kinds of clothing. Exercise or outdoor clothing, for instance, tends to require special raw materials, like waterproof or lycra fabrics. You want to be certain that the producer of your choice can make the products you want. Better yet, you should take advantage of a producer specializing in manufacturing that clothing you need.

If you are planning to sell stylish clothing worn for swimming, for instance, you would benefit better from working with one with lots of experience in making swimwear. For more information on that matter, you can visit https://luxuryknit.com/clothing-manufacturer/ too.

The Manufacturer’s MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)

You will need to be aware of the lowest fixed number of items they are willing to make for your retail business. In other words, you will have to source at least that many items from them, otherwise they will not do business with you. This quantity could range between 200 and 2000 products, or much more. It is common for clothing manufacturers to have this clause.

You should know this quantity level when you could not be sure of selling an ‘X’ number of products. For instance, if their MOQ is 100, and your market consists of only 80 people, the rest 20 would go unsold in a particular period. Imagine how much would remain in your retail shelves when the quantity you buy from them is much larger than that.

Their Manufacturing Capacity

In your starting phase, you may be focused more on getting small orders and making maximum possible sales. An ambition to expand your business might occur to you only when it establishes its presence among the customers. What if it does better than you expect, and products sell out faster? Can you then count on your producer to supply you with clothing at a much greater capacity and quickly? So you have to ask them regarding the maximum items they can produce in a given period. Be sure that they can scale up production if required for you.

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