Top 5 Interesting Facts Regarding Makers Mark Bourbon

You might have read about and even enjoyed Maker’s Mark’s bourbon whiskey because it can be easily liked, and the brand does some fine marketing. An example of this marketing prowess is evident in Makers cask bourbon expressions where the brand relates these whiskies to their proprietary values.

However, there is much more information to be aware of regarding Maker’s Mark. This list is for those who cannot get enough of this brand’s American whiskey.

The Fire And Samuels Sr Story

The co-founder of Maker’s Mark named Bill Samuels Sr., burned his family’s old bourbon recipe. To be precise, Bill dramatically threw it into a fire bucket, all while slightly burning the hair of his daughter. He was also thought to have set alight drapes in the process.

Maker’s Mark Founder Wanted A Better Flavor

He did not like the bourbon of his ancestors, describing it as something that would ‘blow my ears off’. So he wanted a new flavor for his bourbon so that it could be differentiated from competitor products. It would now seem that the result of his inner fire, the new recipe, was way better than what he set alight.

The Fidel Castro Connection

The President of Cuba, Fidel Castro loved bourbon whiskey, so he requested Frankfort Mayor to take a Maker’s Mark bottle on his next visit to the country. The Kentucky city’s mayor visited Cuba in 1978, but he never went there again. Therefore, unfortunately, Castro’s wish remained unfulfilled.

The Brand Nearly Broke Customers’ Heart

Seven years ago, Maker’s Mark disclosed that they were reducing the bourbon alcohol by volume to 42% from the previous 45% ABV. The brand informed this decision to people who had been their customers for a long time through emails. Maker’s Mark assured those long-standing consumers that they could not tell the difference, and put the decision down to increasing global demand. However, the brand soon had a change of mind, much to their customers’ satisfaction.

It Has Slightly More Alcohol By Volume Than A Product Of Its Kind Has To

Bourbon should have a minimum of 40% ABV, but Maker’s Mark’s product exceeds that volume percent. It is a bit like your standard Tuesday night, the time that bartenders are thought to be generous when it comes to serving drinks. Maker’s Mark has more amount of alcohol per volume than usual bourbon whiskies.

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