Six Most Interesting Facts About Mezcal

There is a powerful, smoky flavor to Mezcal that is made from Mexico’s agave plant. You may drink mezcal neat, but it is also an amazing base drink for cocktails. Continue reading this list of mezcal facts that you might not be aware of.

The Etymology Of ‘Mezcal’

The term ‘mezcal’ originated from the word ‘mexcalli’. The latter is a word in the Aztec language, and it is a portmanteau of ‘ixcalli’ (which means cooked) and ‘metl’ (which means maguey). So, it translates to ‘cooked agave’.

All Mezcals Are Not Tequilas

Every tequila product is a form of mezcal. The word mezcal can be used to describe any alcohol produced with agave, but only one form of the plant called ‘agave tequilana’ is used to make the former. To know more differences between the two products, just search for ‘mezcal vs tequila’ on Google.

How It Gets The Smoky Taste

The manner in which the agave plant disintegrates before fermentation is what gives mezcal its aroma and smoky flavor. Agave is put in a big hole that contains hot coals, and the plant sits in it for some days. This way, it gets the smoky essence.

Any Form Of Agave Is Usable To Make It

Espadín is the best-known form of the plant utilized to produce mezcal. The variety of mezcal made from Tobala agave is well-regarded. Tobala agave grows in deep, shady gorges situated at a great height. Moreover, it is possible to extract only a portion of liquid out of the center of this plant. This makes the Tobala agave-based mezcal rarer and pricier than the variety that is made from the ‘Espadín’ type agave.

True Mezcal Is Produced In Only Some Mexican States

Do you know that true ‘Champagne’ originates from a French region known by the same name? Likewise, true blue mezcal originates from only eight Mexican states. The biggest state in Mexico that produces it is Oaxaca.

Oaxaca Hosts A Global Mezcal Festival

The so-called ‘Feria Internacional Del Mezcal Oaxaca’ takes place once a year in the June-July period. In this event, you can taste much mezcal easily with less money. Tasting sessions are annually held with the help of a number of conventional mezcal vendors.

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