CBD & Seniors: A Quick Guide

Cannabidiol is a hemp component that has therapeutic properties and that does not have psychotropic effects. There are various forms of cannabidiol, including edible, topical, and tincture available in the medical marijuana market. These are three of the common types of CBD seniors can purchase for their use.

The use of cannabidiol continues to grow, with an increasing number of places making medical cannabis legal. As per a recent study, there was a 250% increase in cannabis consumption in grown-ups aged 50 years and more in the 2006 to 2013 period. Gallop’s recent survey revealed that almost 1 in 5 US citizens who are aged over 50 years have consumed a cannabidiol product.

Over one-third of US citizens are aged 50 years or above. Researchers predict that they will be more numerous than youngsters, in a first for the United States of America. Elders aged 65 years and more are a part of the nation’s highest medicated group of people. When they grow older, seniors are likelier to have major health issues, so they could benefit most from cannabidiol.

Potential Benefits Of Cannabidiol For Seniors

Cannabidiol impacts receptors in the endocannabinoid system in an indirect way, which is the proven cause for several effects of hemp. It is why tetrahydrocannabinol can have a psychoactive effect as well. Cannabidiol is not mind-altering, like THC, so it delivers hemp’s beneficial properties without the latter cannabinoid’s high. These properties suit the common conditions seen in elderly citizens, so cannabidiol is among the best products to improve their quality of life. Read on to find out some benefits of the hemp-derived substance for elders that are backed by science.

It Can Help Seniors Deal With Pain

Cannabidiol can ease inflammation and pain, which are two issues most seniors in the country deal with. Almost half of them have arthritis and 75% to 85% of them experience chronic pain.

These may be difficult issues for almost every American senior to deal with, but there is an alternative solution for them. Research has revealed that cannabidiol could ease inflammation and pain in some musculoskeletal health issues.

Researchers have discovered that individuals who used cannabidiol have experienced much decline in symptoms associated with pain, with some side effects. Cannabidiol is a substitute for standard painkillers, and it offers an extra option for healthcare professionals and elderly care providers.

It Can Promote Bone Health

In osteoporosis, bones lose essential minerals and weaken to such an extent that these could break in the future. So, elderly people could have much pain and serious fractures in the event they fall.

To know how significant an issue with bone is in seniors, you just need to look at the following statistics.

  • The main reason for the demise of men aged above 60 years is falling; and,
  • 25% of US men and 33% of ladies who are both aged over 50 years have osteoporotic fractures.

Research has also revealed that phytocannabinoids such as cannabidiol could help to make bones stronger and could promote their healing in the event of fractures. There is a need for more clinical tests to find out how viable is using CBD for seniors bone health, but the outcomes have been extremely promising thus far.

It Can Help To Improve Sleep

People of any age suffer from sleep disorders such as insomnia, but these conditions are extremely common in elderly individuals. This is the case because of the following factors:

  • With age, sleep patterns change;
  • Health conditions and standard prescription medicine cause a chemical imbalance.

During sleep, the human body clears out toxic substances and self-restores, so conditions that stop sleep affect elders very much. To ease sleep disorder symptoms, almost every senior relies on standard medicine. It may solve an issue for some time, but could create a more significant issue at a time that is far away in the future.

Cannabidiol can help consumers to be calmer, and it can produce a much healthier sleep pattern in the elderly generation.

It Can Help To Make Heart’s Health Better

As per the DC-based American College of Cardiology’s data, one of the most prevalent conditions among older people, and the main reason for their death, is heart disease. This is to be expected as over half of grown-ups in the nation have hypertension. According to recent research, cannabidiol might be an efficacious treatment option for hypertension.

Besides reducing hypertension, research has discovered that cannabidiol’s antioxidant properties might aid in easing heart inflammation, and that it could stop cell death due to oxidative stress.

It Can Help To Fight Addiction

Prescription medicine is the main solution for individuals affected adversely by almost any medical issue. Prescription medication may relieve the issue temporarily, but it usually necessitates slowly increasing doses that damages the body more and causes addiction. People usually discover how much bodily damage it causes long after the best time for the discovery. By that time, the body will become adjusted to a state of requiring that medicine.

Seniors suffer from an array of conditions, so these people have been advised to take pretty much every kind of medicine. When they keep relying on medicine to ease their issues, seniors end up developing an addiction.

Research has revealed that cannabidiol could help to manage conditions that usually entail unsafe medicine, such as the addiction formed by it.

It Can Make You Feel Better And Ease Mood Disorders

Everyone has mood swings, but when people begin to have big changes related to aging, these feelings could usually intensify very much. When prolonged, these could put one at great risk of developing some mental health disorder in the event he or she feels alienated or neglected.

Judging by many study findings, cannabidiol might aid in alleviating this condition. It could help alleviate mood disorders, which is just what elders need to feel that they are not neglected. It is perhaps no comfortable state to discuss, but people could be busy in life to such an extent that they forget those who matter most to them. Over time, this could have much effect on their health.

No one likes aging, particularly when they have to go through this process all alone.

Is Cannabidiol Safe To Use For Seniors?

Studies have revealed that it is safe and efficacious for people of all ages. Still, anybody who wants to consume cannabidiol should talk to their primary care physician about stopping the use of their existing medicine. As with any alternative treatment option, CBD has some minor side effects. Besides, certain interactions between it and some supplements or drugs exist. This is why you should discuss with your PCP about whether you can consume your existing medicine with cannabidiol.

Ways To Use Cannabidiol For Older Adults

Vape oil, oral tincture and edible are three of the best-known forms of cannabidiol products among elderly citizens. When shopping for it, remember that not every cannabidiol product has the same effects. Accept that it takes experimentation with numerous different products and their different doses to find out the best options for you. With that in mind, here is a list of CBD items to think about buying for your health and wellbeing.

  • Oral Tincture: In cannabidiol oil making, the CBD extracted from hemp is diluted with base oil. A full-spectrum type CBD product can have the entourage effect, the effect of every hemp compound working together. This effect is very much beneficial for health, so choose full-spectrum CBD to experience it.
  • Edible: It is a food item filled with cannabidiol concentrate. CBD edibles come in the forms of syrups, capsules, pills, and gummy bears. When you consume an edible product, it will take more time for CBD to kick in since it will enter your digestive system before the bloodstream. However, the effects of it will last longer than those of some of the other forms of cannabidiol.
  • Topical: You can apply a cream, balm, or lotion filled with cannabidiol on the skin. It can aid in dealing with localized pain, and a surface-level issue like arthritis or headache. This is because when used topically, the skin surface absorbs cannabidiol so that it can interact with cannabinoid receptors around the pain area.
  • Isolate: It is the purest form of cannabidiol product available in the market. It has the cannabidiol that is isolated from hemp and added in a base oil. This product can help to relieve pain, anxiety, and inflammation, plus it has several other potential health benefits.

Cannabidiol Dose For Older Adults

A medical professional can offer advice according to your condition, but as a general rule, start with 2.5 milligrams of cannabidiol. It is 50% of the suggested dosage for other grown-ups, and is a good point to start to confirm your safety. One individual’s experience and metabolism differ from another, so it is essential to start with a low dosage and increase it in time. Elderly people might be consuming standard medicine, plus they might have the product’s effects faster than others because of age.

You can increase the dosage by 2.5 milligram each, over some days to one week. Physical symptoms often react faster to treatment as compared to the psychological ones, so consult with the doctor regarding your symptoms and what you can realistically expect. For some, it takes time for the expected effects to come, so try not to be frustrated if this happens in your case. Do not stop consuming your existing medicine without the professional’s recommendation either.

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