Do You Need A Lawyer To File A Personal Injury Claim?

Personal Injury Lawyer
Personal Injury Lawyer
Personal Injury Lawyer

If you think that your case is as simple as you going to the court and collecting your compensation check, then why on earth do you need a personal injury lawyer?

Well, there is a reason lawyers exist. It is an occupation that has been in the circuits since the tie of the Greeks- they must be doing something right to have lasted this long.

Some situations and cases are not as straightforward as one may think it to be, which is why those who are inexperienced and untrained are often caught off guard and before you know it, they are tumbling into a loophole.

Hiring a lawyer is a big decision and it is directly linked to the outcome of the case, and how large of an impact the case has on you. The lawyer that you need depends on the type of need. There are lawyers that specialize in certain sections of the law. This is the same way how you wouldn’t have a neurosurgeon to deliver a baby.

Every situation is unique, and this calls for a lawyer who is experienced and adept with the field- be it a motorcycle accident lawyer or a criminal lawyer.

So, is there a time when you don’t require a lawyer?

You may not need one if the recovery amount is minuscule. If you had a minor bump in with a fellow driver, and the driver is at fault and not cooperating, and the damages amount to a few hundred dollars, then hiring a lawyer would be ill-advised. This is an amount that is not a financial burden on you.

Some of the personal injury lawyers may not take upfront fees, but contingency fees, which in essence is a percentage of the recovered settlement or compensation at the trial.

Many of the personal injury lawyers take around 1/3rd of the recovery amount, which means that if you were to recover $2000 from the accident, then the lawyer gets $667. It is better to give away $667 than not get $1333. It all comes down to what is at stake and what it is that you have to lose. If you feel it is not worth the effort nor the money or time, then it is better that you either partake in your own rescue or drop the idea altogether.

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