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As we know the adventure of riding a motorcycle we must also know about the safety measures that should be followed when riding it to keep us from any harm. While we are riding along the sunset mountains or heavy traffic on city roads, one must give importance to safety. Most of the countries have made some safety accessories for motorcyclists mandatory. Motorcycle accessories are not just safety equipment but it enhances the aesthetic look of the riders. There are a lot of motorcycle accidents taking place on the roads and lots of riders get seriously injured or die. There are laws in some states that rejects accidental death claims from motorcycle accident attorneys, because the riders didn’t wear mandatory safety gears at the time of accident.

Read on to know about some of the most important motorcycle accessories you should use.

Helmets are a protecting shield for your head. A helmet aims to reduce the risk of serious head and brain injuries by reducing the impact of a force or collision to the head. There are different styles of helmet which covers just your skull or your entire head. According to the reports, helmets have helped in reducing death due to head injuries drastically.

Eye protection: If you wear a helmet that covers your entire head then eye protection gears are not that important. Instead if you are just using a skull cap or an open face helmet you must wear goggles or shades to protect your eyes. The shades must be UV protected and break proof material glasses will protect you from wind or debris hitting your eyes.

Back protectors and Chest Armor – An outfit specifically designed to protect the body of the rider. It looks like an inflatable airbag or thick crest of padding. This durable material helps in safeguarding the body of the rider in case of a collision. It will have belts which can be fastened and that helps to keep the armor in place. These armors are designed to take hard hits during an accident.

Elbow gear: During a fall from the motorcycle elbows or arms tend to be the initial body part that hits the ground. This gear helps to protect your arms from scrapping or fracturing your elbows.

Boots – The material and length of the boots depends on the purpose of the ride. On a rainy day waterproof leather which fits on to the bottom of your pants would hinder your foot from getting wet. If you are riding on muddy roads, then longer boots till below your knees would protect your legs. Make sure you tuck the top of your pants to the boots to ensure complete coverage.

Earplugs The sound of the engine and the wind hitting your ears could be deafening for long distance rides. Usage of tiny foam earplugs could be a savior from high pitched noises and windy blows.

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