Steps to Take Following a Motorcycle Accident

Motor Cycle Collision Attorney
Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Bike accidents can cause a lot of harm, and as almost any motorcycle collision attorney would tell you, the things you do following one can determine how your damage claim fares in court or during a settlement. The minutes and hours directly on the heels of the collision have a huge bearing on your possible legal rights and actions. Below are some things you should do right in order to make sure you get your just entitlements.

Gather Contact Info

After everyone has been moved out of the path of oncoming vehicles, you need to exchange contact and other information with everyone that was involved in the crash. Get license numbers, insurance data, phone numbers, and addresses. Take pictures of the vehicles and write down descriptions as needed. These notes need to be kept organized so that you do not mix up any multiple parties’ information.

Call the Police

Dial 911 and direct the cops to the accident scene when you are first able to do it. If you are looking at heavy property damage, then make sure a police report is filed. In the case of injury, make sure everyone gets the medical attention they need. Meanwhile, the police report can play a vital role when the time comes that you try and recover damages to person, vehicle, or possessions. Some of these may only show up hours or days afterward. The main point is that you let the police know about the accident as soon as you can.

Take Note of the Surroundings

Document the area where the accident happened, and if you are unable to do this due to injury, at least try and pay attention to the important bits. You will need the location, speed limits, road conditions, lighting, weather, and of course, which ways the vehicles were headed when they collided. If you are able, get photos on your phone that makes it easier to reconstruct the incident, if and when the matter gets taken to court.

Talk to Witnesses and Call your Insurance Company

If people were present when the accident happened, talk to them and record their observations of it. Make sure you do this while the event is still fresh in their minds, and get their contact information if they will give it. Do not admit fault, and call your insurance company and serve them the data they just gathered.

The above are some things you need to do following an accident to make sure things are conducive to you obtaining just compensation. It serves well to talk to a motorcycle accident attorney to know about further things you can do in that direction.

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