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Lane splitting is the act of driving between two lanes. Motorcyclists split lanes to navigate past the traffic easier. It is a good practice to allow the motorcyclists to travel faster, but on some occasions it leads to accidents. In the case of lane splitting accidents, the responsible party is decided by considering several factors. It is advisable to approach a motorcycle accident attorney in the case of such an incident. Below is a discussion on lane splitting and the aspects that you need to know.

The Legal Status Of Lane Splitting

Every state does not consider lane splitting as legal. In California, law states that lane splitting is allowed if carried out in a safe and prudent way. Note that the level of safety and prudence is determined by the police officers and judges involved in the legal faceoff.

Liability In Lane Splitting Accidents

Lane splitting accidents happen mainly due to the closeness of the motorcycles to the neighboring vehicle. The motorcycles get really close to the cars, but the cars do not anticipate the bike suddenly. This will lead to a sure collision.

If a motorcycle splitting lanes happen to be in an accident, there is a high probability that the responsibility would be imposed on the motorcycle driver. In case the insurance company is able to prove that the motorcycle driver is at fault, the latter would not receive any compensation.

In case the motorcycle rider can prove that the opposing driver was also to blame, the driver would receive either full or a part of the compensation for damages and the injuries. Such a claim could be proved if the vehicle in question was changing lanes or if the driver is found guilty of talking on the phone while driving.

Lane Splitting Safety

Make sure you stick to the rules if you are lane splitting. Assure that it is allowed in the state. Further, do it in a safe manner. Your safe riding history will be enough to convince the judge or the insurance company about your safe riding behavior. This will help you win the accidental death claim.

A few Safety precautions for safe lane splitting:

•    Be aware of the presence of cars and other vehicles around you.

•    Ride with lights on and with bright colored clothes.

•    Make sure that both lanes of cars have the same speed. If one is moving faster, there is a chance that cars may switch lanes lasting in a collision.

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