Latest Technology to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accident
Motorcycle Accident Prevention

Motorcycle ownership has seen a doubling since 1991. Apart from increased ridership, the count of accidents has also increased drastically. Hence, there is also a better need for safety measures and safety education. Motorcycle accessory makers and motorcycle manufacturers have given birth to several gears in response to this. Read on to learn more about the latest technologies adopted with a view of safe motorcycle ride and prevention of motorcycle accident across the country.

High Tech Helmets

A helmet is the most important safety accessory as far as the motorcycle rider is concerned. Reports suggest that the use of helmets raise the safety manifold. Today’s sophisticated helmets are designed with GPS facility and in-built cameras that allow the driver to get a clear view of the blind spots. The latest kind of helmets has Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) apart from their flex systems. These offer a high degree of protection and are available in a wide range of colors and designs.

Airbag Vests and Jackets

It is a fact that airbags save more than 2000 lives during motor vehicle accidents every year. Motorcycle clothing producers are including an airbag technology to jackets and vests made for bikers. These function using small sensors. It detects the impact in the event of an accident and immediately deploys the airbag that protects vital organs including the chest.

LED Lighting

Itmight have been accepted late, but high-efficiency LED lighting can be found almost everywhere nowadays. They are also added to motorcycles for improved visibility for opposing drivers. Besides, they add more clarity for those on the road. They are highly useful when the conditions are unfavorable. Furthermore, some helmets are also available nowadays which have LED lights fitted for better visibility.

High Tech Braking and Stability Control

With reference to technology applied for the auto industry, motorcycle producers are including antilock braking systems into their machines. For instance, European legislation has made it mandatory that all bikes have the anti-lock system installed for machines exceeding 125cc. Apart from the antilock braking, a new stability control apparatus has the ability to assess the traction control and lean angle data. These control the power required for braking to ensure safety. Note that acceleration or braking during curves is the greatest cause of motorcycle accidents.

Keep the above technologies in mind and install them in your motorcycles if you happen to be a regular user of motorcycles.

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