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According to the reports of the studies done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Association recently, about 36% of the motorcycle accidents are constituted by left-turn accidents. Things are worse in the case of four-wheel traffic on the wrong side of the road. It is the dangerous left turns that prove to be the fatal cause for a remarkable number of crossing-path crashes. The vulnerability of a motorist will make more injuries in such left-hand crashes as compared to other motorist driving on the roads.

Such a catastrophe happens when the other motorist driving on the roads are not aware of the left turn taken by the motorcyclists. In the collisions, the motorcycle will go straight through the intersection after being struck by a turning car. An unregulated intersection or anyone who is riding past a green light has that perfect right of way. The inability of other drivers to notice the motorcyclist taking the abrupt move, unfortunately, is the prime cause of the left –hand accidents, despite the existence of the strict rules of the road.

Some Safety Measures To Avoid Left Turn Accidents

The first and foremost precaution to be followed by the motorcyclist is to follow the rules of the road, no matter how strict they are. A handful of negligent motorist try out their wit on the roads by altering the tight lanes or merely by speeding their motorcycles. These are indeed serious threats to the motorist himself and others driving on the roads.

The poor decisions of a few must not influence the acts of a motorcyclist. In some cases, this distorting will be tried out by the offending driver. They may argue that the motorcyclist is the sole lawbreaker or may squabble that they were speeding. Yet another motorist might have taken the left too abruptly for the drivers of the motorcycle to evade from potential accidents.

On the other hand, some motorbike riders will neutralize the attempts and shift the blame upon the other motorists quite shrewdly. These folks might be the strict followers of road rules and might have followed the speed limit.

When a car driver gets a glimpse of the bumper stickers installed on the roads that show “Start Seeing Motorcycles”, they may consider a motorcyclist somewhere on the road. It is up to the motorcyclist to make their presence visible to others. For the same, they may switch their headlights on apart from wearing a bright helmet and visible jacket or suit.

The driver with the motorcycle must ride with decent speed and land position, increase time reaction by covering the brake controls and most significantly plan escape routes to be beneficial when any driver violates the rules.

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