What To Know About Right Hand Turn Bicycle Accidents

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The right hand turn bicycle accidents have become very common on the Californian roads now. The fact that many number of Californians use bikes to get to their destinations, increase the number of bike accidents. It is a common scene now on the Californian roads for the motorists to hit the cyclists, resulting in fatalities. If you or your loved one has suffered injury from a motorist who collided with you at a right hand turn, you have the right to sue against the motorist provided you are sure that you are within the limits of the law concerning the cyclists.

The truth is that the bicyclists travelling on the Californian roads have the same rights which the other motorists on the road enjoy. The cyclists are permitted to leave the bike lane under certain circumstances. California Vehicle Code allows the cyclists to take the normal lane under three circumstances. If he is passing or if he is preparing to turn to the left he may leave the bike lane. He may also do this if he wants to avoid any of the dangers along the side of the road. In addition, if the cyclist is coming near to a place on the road where right turns are allowed, he is free to leave the bike lane.

Even though such rules exist, the people are usually unaware of these rules. When a bicycle accident occur at a right turn, it is common for anyone to blame the cyclist for the mistake of coming to the lane. However, the party at fault might be the other motorist who came and crashed on the cyclist. In such cases, it will be in your best interests to seek the help of an accident attorney so that he can help you in proving the liability of the other motorist.

The right hand turn accidents happen most of the time because of the carelessness of the motorists. The cyclist might be standing parallel to the motorist at the red signal and when the signal turns green, the motorist might turn his vehicle to the right without noticing the cyclist standing next to him. The motorist may not even put the turn signal because he does not expect anyone to obstruct him there.

It is better for the cyclists to make the right turn from the left lane along the smaller moving vehicles rather than passing through the right. In this way, the bicycle accidents at the right hand turn can be reduced considerably.

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