Seams on the Roads are More Dangerous than Potholes for Motorcyclists

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When you drive your motorcycle, you are likely to encounter numerous hazards. Unlike other vehicles, even gravel and dry leaves can make the bike riders lose their balance and collide or fall. Note that you can claim for your damages and injuries from the opposite party by consulting a credible motorcycle accident attorney and filing a lawsuit. However, it will be extremely challenging for your motorcycle collision attorney to claim damages in the accidents that involve road hazards instead of other vehicles.

Some motorcycle riders have a misconception that potholes are the most dangerous hazards on the road. Nevertheless, the seams and bumps on the roadways are even more dangerous. Unfortunately, most authorities tend to overlook such cracks in the middle of the lanes.

When you hit a pothole, it is likely to jolt the front suspension of your bike. Additionally, it may damage any of your rims. Note that the front suspension of your vehicle is likely to absorb most of the shock in this case. Hence, you may get over a pothole quickly with a small or no damage to your bike as well as you.

On the other hand, the seams on the road tend to make a huge impact on the bike, especially on the handle and the suspension. As a result, the rider may lose his/her balance and veer off the road or into the oncoming vehicles. This type of accident is likely to lead to a fatal collision that results in catastrophic injuries or sometimes, death of the rider.

Besides, it will be hard for a motorcycle driver to spot the bumps and seams on the road, unlike potholes. On a related note, seams do not usually have asphalt and hence, there will be no shadow in the sunlight. This fact adds to the chances of such accidents.

Plus, you can be alert about potholes by keeping an eye on the vehicles ahead of you. Usually, the vehicles are likely to bump around in such cases. When it comes to seams, bigger vehicles like cars, trucks, buses, etc., may easily straddle making it harder for a motorcycle rider to be cautioned. However, there are certain tips that you may consider to tackle the seams on the road. Some of those useful tips are listed below.

  • Try to avoid riding your motorcycles through the middle of a lane when you are traveling on an under-engineered or a country road.
  • Leave a decent gap between your bike and the vehicle in front of you so that your chances to get notified about the upcoming bumps are high.
  • Shift your upper body forward as you hit a seam. Similarly, try not to lift the front wheel off the ground too high. Otherwise, it will not absorb the shock and may lead to a collision.

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