In What Way Can POV Cameras Help Prove a Motorbike Accident Case?

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Liability often tends to be disputed in a lot of injury cases, particularly those involving motorbike and bike accidents. Each party’s version of the way the accident happened is different, plus unless independent witnesses are there, proving the case is usually tedious work. So you must do everything you can to collect evidence when you are at the accident spot. Never depend on the local police for every piece of information because they sometimes have biases that can keep them from interviewing witnesses properly.

Historically, evidence of an injury-induced collision came from witnesses, the parties, and material evidence like vehicle debris and skid marks at the spot. More recently, a number of great tools came to the market that can give more unique evidence. There are traffic cameras in urban places, security cams at local retail shops, and such devices that can be attached to motorbikes, bicycles, and helmets.

Mobile devices can be extremely helpful at any time, but you cannot rely on these to record the collision itself. Trying to document it using your phone when it is happening would make things worse. There is an exception to that, though.

Using an action camera, also called a POV camera, is an effective and simple way to document potential liability. It is very useful for a motorcycle rider because they are more at risk of accidents than others and most often have disputed liability cases.

Using a camera put on your bike, body or helmet is an excellent way to record liability from your point of view. Traffic cams may not capture the full accident, or the device might be present at a favorable angle for the other person. The rider’s point of view helps show how their accident occurred, and it can indicate the manner in which the injury happened. Besides that, it can be an evidence to sway a claims adjuster, jury or judge to pay the compensation amount your case deserves. Video and images move and impress juries, which is a change of pace from tedious testimony and monochrome files they are usually confined to.

It is not a bad idea to mount the camera somewhere for a point of view clip of the accident. By having such evidence, you will be able to deal with and get the best possible outcome out of this bad situation. That said, be sure you are not negatively altering your helmet’s structural integrity. Consider mounting it somewhere else to play it safe.

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