How to Avoid Common Motorcycle Accidents This Summer

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Common Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents happen now and then on the highways of California. The risk of motorcycle accidents is much higher than the risks posed by car and truck accidents. Many times, it may not be the mistake of the motorcyclist that leads to the accident. The mistakes of other drivers and pedestrians can also cause motorcycle accidents. In short, it is necessary for the motorcycle riders to be very careful about themselves and others on the road, to avoid any kind of accidents.

It is true that even if the motorcycle riders take so much precaution, there is a chance for some accident to happen on the road. However, there are some precautions that the riders can take, to ensure that any mistakes on their part will not happen that may lead to a motorcycle accident.

The statistics of motorcycle accidents in the past years show that the chances of motorcyclists suffering wrongful death and being injured are more probable than the car or truck accidents. Though there has been a reduction in the number of bike accidents in recent years that does not undermine the necessity to take safety precautions.

Here are some safety suggestions to avoid common motorcycle accidents this summer.

Be Careful at the Intersections

You have to keep in mind that your motorcycle is a small vehicle, which is difficult to be spotted on the road. Hence, following the traffic rules alone cannot ensure your safety on the road. You should be very vigilant while riding and must be careful to watch for other vehicles on the road. This will help you in planning a sudden action if it seems necessary. Awareness of the surroundings while riding the motorcycle is very much necessary to have a safe ride.

On the highways, it mostly happens that other vehicles at intersections do not notice the two-wheelers and collide with them while taking a turn. This usually happens at the traffic points where the other vehicle driver takes a left turn and enters into the path of the motorcyclist. This can happen even when the motorcycle rider is following the traffic rules.

Therefore, it is very important for the motorcyclist to keep his eyes and ears open to see and hear the vehicles around him. Whenever you reach an intersection stop back and ensure that it is safe to cross, before starting.

Try to Foresee the Mistakes the Other Driver Can Make

Though it is impossible to predict the future, it is possible to predict the mistake, which a driver on the other vehicle is prone to make. Most of the accidents involving two-wheelers happen because the motorcycle would have been in the blind spot of the other vehicle. If so, the driver would not be able to see you coming and can make a move that can put you at risk of an accident. Hence, remember to ride on the side of the other vehicle as much as possible. Try to avoid being in the blind spot of the other driver. This can reduce the risk of an accident.

It is always good to learn defensive driving so that you can know how to drive on the road when other vehicles seem to pose a threat to you. You should practice driving by anticipating certain scenarios that might happen on the road.

Always try to slow down while you approach an intersection because there is a chance for some drivers to run the signal.

Slow Down and Turn after Watching for Hazards

It is always fun to turn the curves on a motorcycle. However, they are also very dangerous. The most important danger while turning can be the bike skidding on the road because of some material lying on the road. There may be ice, dry leaves, or gravel on which the tires might lose traction. This can be avoided by slowing down early and ensuring that there are no such obstacles at the turn.

If the motorcycle makes the turn at a very high speed there is again chances of an accident. The bike can lose control and might end up crashing out of the road or crashing into another vehicle in the front. You should ride at a controllable speed at the curves so that there are enough time and space for you to apply brakes.

Keep your Eye on the Side Mirror

Rear-end collisions of motorcycles can be very dangerous. You need to have an idea about the vehicle behind you very clearly. Otherwise, in instances when you apply brakes suddenly, the vehicle at the back may collide into you. While riding, be attentive to maintain a safe distance between the vehicle in the front and the one at the back.

Taking all these precautions can help you to be at peace while you ride your motorcycle. However, in case you meet with an accident involving your motorcycle, seek the help of a motorcycle accident attorney as early as possible. An experienced motorcycle collision attorney can help you pursue a successful lawsuit.

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