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Motorcycle Accident Claimants

The number is road accident cases are increasing with every passing year. The collision between motorcycles and cars are the most common ones. When a person gets involved in such an accident, he/she is likely to encounter multiple doubts or questions regarding their legal claim process such as how to file your case, how to choose the right motorcycle accident attorney, the evidence to be collected, whether or not to contact the insurance company, etc.

If you are also facing such a dilemma, don’t panic since it is natural to have such doubts or feel overwhelmed, particularly when your monetary security is at stake. Fortunately, you will be able to obtain financial coverage for all your damages with the right approach. In order to help you out with this, below are some of the valuable tips that you must consider when injured in a motorcycle collision caused by a car.

Call the Police

When you get involved in any road accident, it is important to inform the nearby police station since they will be able to maintain proper traffic flow at the accident site. Plus, they will document an unbiased report taking the circumstantial evidence and involved parties’ statements into account.

Furthermore, you can use the report to prove the liability in court. Plus, the insurance company is most likely to ask for this report before processing your claim request. Usually, police report includes significant details such as the date, spot, and time of the accident, details of involved parties and witnesses, the apparent cause of the collision, etc.

Gather Crucial Evidence at the Accident Spot

The accident spot of a motorcycle crash will be extremely chaotic, particularly when a person is bleeding or injured. However, it is recommended to remain calm under such situations and try to gather as many pieces of evidence as you can at the accident scene. Of course, this will not be a practical option if you are severely injured or unconscious. Two of the crucial evidence that you may collect are;

Photographs – When it comes to potential evidence, try to click multiple images of the accident scene that reflects the apparent cause of the crash. You may include both close-up and wide shots of the road condition, skid marks, position of the vehicles, poorly maintained traffic light signals, etc. Note that it is better to act fast in this case since authorized people are likely to shift vehicles from the scene to ensure proper traffic flow. Additionally, click pictures of your injuries and other damages to obtain maximum compensation.

CCTV footage – If you are not in a condition to photograph the accident scene, look around for surveillance cameras that are likely to capture the whole wreck scene. If you are mildly injured or do not require immediate medical assistance, go to the shop or business that owns the camera and ask them to show it. You can either record the footage using your mobile phone or request them to give you a copy. Otherwise, ask your motorcycle collision attorney or friends to do it on your behalf. Note that this is time-sensitive evidence and hence, it is significant to act fast.

Collect the Insurance and Contact Information of the Driver

When you file a claim against the accused car driver, your motorcycle accident attorney, as well as the insurance company, is likely to ask for the insurance details of the accused person. It is better to take a photo of the driver’s license, insurance tag, and license plate tag of the car driver right after the accident to strengthen the case. Plus, provide the same evidence from your side as well to prove that your records are accurate.

Collect the Contact Information of Eyewitnesses

Eyewitness testimony plays a significant role in your motorcycle accident claim. In some cases, their statement can either make or ruin your case. Hence, it is important to collect the contact information of the witnesses. If the car driver hesitates to admit the liability or tries to put the blame on you, your motorcycle collision attorney can bring in a potential eyewitness to illustrate and confirm your version of events.

Apart from collecting their cell number, address, email id, etc., try to record their statement regarding their version of the wreck. On a related note, as time passes, they are likely to forget the incident. That being said, legal procedures might take a significant amount of time to get settled. Needless to mention, a recorded statement will be extremely helpful in such cases.

Visit a Doctor

It is important to seek medical assistance after your accident irrespective of whether your injuries are mild or severe. Note that some injuries tend to be submissive at first and will advance eventually. Besides, a reliable medical report is crucial to prove the severity of the injuries that you had to suffer because of the accident.

Your insurance agents may also argue that the injuries are not caused by the accident or you will be held entirely or partially liable for the accident. Sadly, you will not be able to prove otherwise without a credible medical report. Moreover, stick on to your doctor’s instructions and never skip your periodical checkup since all these factors can ruin your motorcycle accident claim.

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