Common Motorcycle Crash Injuries

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Motorcycle Crash Injuries

Around eighty percent of all reported motorcycle collisions cause serious injuries to the person or persons involved. Some of these may seem minor at first sight, but it is important that everyone gets medical attention, if only to rule out problems both physical and psychological. Some injuries commonly suffered by people who get into road accidents while riding motorcycles include facial fractures, disfigurement, burns, broken bones and road rash. The range of such injuries extends from spinal cord issues through limb amputations and to TBI.

As any motor cycle collision attorney could tell you, road rash is a highly common type of injury sustained by motorcyclists who get into crashes. It is definitely not the same as skinning your knee; if left untreated, a person who sustained it could be left with permanent damage including infections, skin irritations, and nerve damage at the skin surface.

Also common are broken bones, fractures, and burns, which can sometimes be severe enough to cause permanent nerve damage, disfigurement, and even disability. It is best to protect oneself while riding, by wearing protective type of gear that covers helmets, and jackets and pants made out of durable material like leather. Also useful in this regard are gloves and heavy boots.

Not Taking Anything For Granted

Some injuries can be life-threatening, and people who manage to survive them would likely still see a drop in their quality of life. Many such hurts lead to disability and the need for long-term care afterward. Thoracic spine injuries can also cause paralysis, especially in people that get ejected from their seats during a crash. If someone experiences tenderness or pain in the neck area following an accident, it could point to neurological damage on some level. While not all of the cases lead to paralysis, it is often best to get started with treatment immediately.

Head trauma makes up the foremost cause of death among motorcyclists who are involved in accidents. TBI or Traumatic Brian Injuries can occur from a severe blow to the head that maybe a skull fracture, which could lead to interference in the way signals flow between the spine and the brain. Even something as simple as dizziness or nausea can be a sign of trauma of this kind.

An experienced motorcycle accident attorney can make sure that if you were injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, you will get the compensation you are owed under California law. Make sure to get in touch with a good attorney before the statute of limitations runs out on you.

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