Reuven Gradon on How A Lawyer Can Help With an Investment Property


To invest in real estate is regarded as one of the best ways you can invest in your financial future. But going through the various negotiations and purchase needed of real estate investment can be overpowering, mainly if you are a novice to the process. That is the reason why hiring a real estate investment attorney is one of the profitable ways you can ensure that you are making the right decisions with your property and money. A real estate investment attorney can offer you various vital services, whether you are a novice to real estate or you are a seasoned investor.

Lawyers are needed to help protect you and your real estate investments. There are many situations why you need a lawyer when you own an investment property. As Reuven Gradon Real Estate Investment puts it, the cost of hiring an attorney is a small price to pay in comparison to losing your entire investment over a petty legal situation. As many real estate investors know, legal problems between landlords and tenants occur daily, and a lawyer can help before anything escalates. It is also important to mention that state laws can be complicated and hard to navigate, especially when it comes to tenant rights. Here are some benefits of hiring a real estate investment attorney.

  1. Maximize profits and minimize risks

A real estate investment attorney can help you in maximizing profits and, at the same time, reducing risks. Purchasing and selling a property at the profitable possible price is pertinent to successful real estate investment, and an attorney can help ensure you maximize the return on your investment from the legal point of view. Real estate investment attorneys can offer assistance with debt placement and consideration on equity, the strategy involved in investment, and meeting the goals of your investment based on the level of involvement you want.

  1. Property tax negotiations

You should note that the more property you invest in, the more property taxes you are obligated to pay each year. A real estate investment attorney provides you with advice on property tax implications and dissent services, so you don’t have to pay more to the taxing authority than you should.

  1. Leases and tenants

A lot of real estate investors purchase a property (both commercial and residential) to lease it out. Per Reuven Gradon, a real estate investment attorney can assist you in understanding tenant rights and the implications of lease arrangements (can be either current or future), also the draw up and review leasing terms and strategies. The attorney can also help in preventing landlord-tenant disputes, making sure there is fair housing compliance, respond to notices, and also help in resolving reasonable housing complaints.

  1. Prepare for unexpected circumstances

Whenever you are faced with a lawsuit, you would want a well experienced real estate investment attorney by your side to help in defending your money, your property, as well as your rights.

Additional services

A real estate investment attorney can also assist you with:

  • The survey and usage regulations as regards to the current and future supposed uses of a particular property.
  • The review of the title commitment and the resolution of title exclusion during the sale or purchase of a property
  • Negotiating purchase contracts and multi-property purchases.
  • To understand contract laws when you want to hire a contractor for repair or renovation of a property.
  • Negotiating with contractors, signing mineral and gas leases
  • Entity selection and business formation
  • Review and advisement of insurance policy

Investment Properties like those Reuven Gradon works on are best handled by attorneys who specialize in real estate. Lawyers for investment properties are helpful when it comes to investment property contracts, and ensure all work is completed professionally.

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